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Potclays Low Temp Casting Slip 10lt 1040-1140c

£20.75 GBP
Type: Casting Slip

Potclays Low Temp Casting Slip 10lt 1040-1140c

A reformulation of our popular Potclays White casting slip, owing to a forced change in talc supply as a result of mine closure.

This low temperature slip fires more yellow than Potclays White, but still offers good glaze fit with US glazes such as Mayco.

Main image: Test tiles fired at cone 05 (approx. 1030c), 02 (approx. 1100c), and cone 1 (approx. 1140c). 

  • Supplied in a 10lt lidded bucket
  • High-talc US-style earthenware hobby casting slip
  • Manufactured in the UK as an alternative to US-made casting slips
  • Potclays White casts quickly and produces firm greenware
  • Recommended firing range 1040-1140C but recommended biscuit temperature is 1060C
  • Produced to a Pint Weight of 34.5 to 36oz/Litre Weight of 1,721 to 1,796gm


Our casting slips are manufactured to a specific gravity of 1.7-1.8 and are correctly deflocculated ready for use. They will thicken on standing/in storage but thin again when brought to ambient temperature and mixed thoroughly (thixotropy). However, bear in mind that deflocculant will gradually lose its electrical charge over a period of time resulting in loss of efficacy.  This process is accelerated by changes in temperature, and stoneware slips with a higher clay content are most affected.  This is an industry-acknowledged issue affecting all casting slips regardless of manufacturer, but it can be easily remedied by adding 3-5 drops of Sodium Dispex per 5lt of casting slip and mixing thoroughly with an electric mixer, such as a drill with paint mixer attachment. If you do not already have Sodium Dispex in your workshop, we would recommend you order a small amount at the same time as your casting slip.