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Amaco Velvet Underglaze Electric Blue V386 59ml

£5.29 GBP

Amaco Velvet Underglaze Electric Blue V386 59ml

Velvets are highly sought-after by both professionals and children due to their vivid colour, reliability, and versatility.

They exhibit true-to-colour results when fired at Cone 05/06 using an underglaze, and can even maintain their true hue at higher temperatures up to Cone 10.

For two different finishes, leave the colours unglazed for a rich, velvety texture, or apply a coat of AMACO Clear Transparent Matte or Clear Gloss to intensify the colour.

These velvets can be easily applied to wet clay, greenware, or mature Cone 04 bisque (1971F / 1077C). They are suitable for use with or without a glaze, and are food safe when used with a proper glaze.

Range of applications: Cone 05 to 10 | Can be sprayed on.