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Amaco Potters Choice: True Celadon 473ml

£9.90 GBP

Amaco Potters Choice: True Celadon 473ml

The Potter's Choice glaze series was designed with the potter in mind! These stunning glazes add fluid colours and effects to smooth or textured ware, with optimal results at Cone 5/6. To use these glazes is to step into different ceramic glaze traditions of many cultures throughout history.


  • Reduction Effects in Oxidation
  • Variety of colours and Surfaces
  • Cone 5 / 6
  • Limitless Layering Combinations!

    US Pint = 16 fl oz (US) = 473ml

    Due to the powdered nature of the materials involved with the dry-mix dipping buckets of this product, their respective health information and labels differ from the brushing glazes.

    *Note that all dry dipping glazes can be difficult to layer. Dipping glazes behave differently from brushing and they require thorough testing prior to layering full piece.

    Safety Warning
    Tableware producers must test all finished ware to establish dinnerware status, due to possible variations in firing temperature and contamination