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Artic White Stoneware 12.5kg

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Weight 12.5 kg

Firing range

1120ºc – 1280ºc


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Arctic White Stoneware is a clay body that is an alternative to our popular White Stoneware B17C.
Arctic White offers a whiter colour than some of our most popular stoneware clays but still remains suitable for throwing & modelling.

This off white clay has a smooth texture and is also suitable for casting.

It is a popular clay due to its colour, throwing ability, firing temperature and cost. 

It is a popular clay with many potters due to its colour.
Being very white it supports bright pottery glazes better than some of the more darker stoneware clays and so creates a fantastic finish with decorated pottery pieces. 

We are told by some potters that it has the feel of a porcelain due to its smooth texture and is used well for mugs and other popular pottery ware. 

The firing range of Arctic White Stoneware is between 1120°c and 1280°c