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BOTZ Settling Tank TA103

£342.40 GBP

BOTZ Settling Tank TA103

Lid available separately


The settling-tank TA 103 – the original – was developed by BOTZ in Münster as the ideal miniature waste-water-purification system for all pottery and sculpting studios. Clay residue that is discarded into the sink can build up on the insides of the waste pipes and eventually block the drains. With the TA 103 you can effectively prevent your drains from blocking, since the remains of clay and glaze settle in the settling tub, leaving the pipes free. Clay and glaze residue should not get into the sewerage, since it pollutes our water reserves. With the BOTZ TA 103 you protect the environment, since the residue is reduced to 10ml per litre which is classified not harmful by the environmental laws. The TA is easy to set up and clean. Using the flexible flow-in pipe and siphon which are supplied with it, it is easy to install under your sink unit. It can easily be wheeled away for cleaning. Accumulated clay and glaze residue can be adequately disposed of.

  • Width 62cm - Height 53cm - Depth 42cm
  • Height flow-in pipe: 63cm
  • Drain lower edge: 38cm  
  • Pipe diameter: 40 mm