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David Wright Hand Building Body 1200-1300C

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David Wright Hand Building Body 1200-1300C


A medium to coarse-textured, iron-bearing body developed for hand-building in collaboration with potter David Wright. It is based on a combination of ball clays, fireclay from our South Staffordshire quarry and a blend of grogs and sands, all combined using our trademark panmilling method for superior plasticity and aggregate distribution. It is ideal for hand-building, particularly medium sized to small work where finer and detailed surfaces are required. It responds exceptionally well to reduction firing - in particular, wood-firing. Fires to a light buff in oxidation and a toasted buff under reduction with some iron speckles.
Further notes:

The David Wright Hand-Building Body was developed with the goal of achieving a smoother, lower porosity body with the look and character of Industrial Crank, for David’s thinner, more refined work intended to hold water. Although the recommended temperature range of this body is quoted to 1300C, David successfully fires this body under his specific conditions to Cone 11 down.