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Easi-Lift Wheelhead for 12in batts, non-threaded, fits all Shimpo

£290.00 GBP

Easi-Lift Wheelhead for 12in batts, non-threaded, fits all Shimpo

7021 - Easy-Lift Wheelhead batt system  for 12" batts. (Non threaded to Fit Shimpo & other Wheels)

The Easy-Lift batt system offers a revolutionary solution to those of you who want the convenience of using wooden batts but who don't want to permanently alter their wheelhead through drilling and pinning.

Attaching batts to a traditionally pinned wheelhead can be a little frustrating as generally one has to rely on touch alone to fit the batts. The Easy-lift batt system provides a significant improvement in that it allows the user to quickly and efficiently exchange batts during throwing to maximise productivity. The wheelhead has two large cut outs to provide access to the underside of the batt and the securing pin is clearly visable at all times.

The wheelhead is machined from a durable but light alloy and does not suffer from the issue of wobble that some other more established systems occasionally struggled with.


The Easy-lift can be fitted to your Shimpo Potter's Wheel in minutes simply by loosening the fastening bolt on the shaft of the standard wheelhead and firmly lifting the head. The Easy-lift then simply slots onto the shaft whereupon it can be tightened (Care should be taken to align the flattened side of the shaft with the fixing bolt of the wheelhead correctly).