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Flecked Stoneware 152-1109 Potclays

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Flecked Stoneware 1150-1290C  12.5kg

Recommended Firing Range 1150-1290C

  • Attractively flecked stoneware body based on a ball clay blend.
  • Superb throwing properties for small or large pieces.
  • Flecking burns nicely through covering glazes giving a reduction fired appearance under oxidising conditions.
  • An extremely good body for thrown domestic stoneware.There may be some variation in fleck size and/or density from batch to batch due to the nature of the material

A note regarding fleck variation: The fleck size/density in our flecked bodies is variable from batch to batch due to the nature of the raw material supplied to us. The user must sample/batch test in their own application before proceeding. Potclays cannot accept any liability for fleck variations batch-to-batch which are outside of our control.