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Hand clay extruded

£33.45 GBP
Hand Held Extruder 

Extrude clay with ease. With five shaped dies to choose from and one blank, allowing you to create your own design!

This is a strong and robust aluminium extruder, it is simple to use and easy to assemble. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Unscrew the barrel from the handle, and remove the other end piece.
  2. Place one of your chosen dies in the black end piece, and screw back onto the barrel.
  3. Roll out your clay to approx 50mm width, and 220mm length (1.9inch x 8.6inch).
  4. Slide it into the Barrel and re-attach this to the handle.
  5. Squeeze the handle gently until you feel pressure.
  6. You're ready to go!
  7. And when you are finished, give it a good clean with soap and water and allow to dry thoroughly.

Dies included:

  • Square - 16mm
  • Circle - 16mm diameter
  • Equilateral Triangle - 16mm
  • Rectangle - 30mm x 9mm
  • Small Circles - 5mm diameter
  • One blank die