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L&L Easyfire 18S T/L Kiln, 70lt + Dynatrol controller. 1 Phase

£2,461.85 GBP

L&L Easyfire 18S T/L Kiln, 70lt + Dynatrol controller. 1 Phase is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


L&L Easyfire 18S T/L Kiln, 70lt + Dynatrol controller. 1 Phase


****6-8 Week Delivery Time ****

800-8040 L&L Easyfire 18S Toploading Kiln with Dynatrol controller (80LLE18S)

Internal dimensions               42cm(16.5") diam x 45.7cm (18")high 

Chamber volume                   70lts 2.5cf 

External dimensions               68.8cm (27") wide x 74.7cm (29.3") depth x 72.7cm (28.6"") high.  137.3cm (54") high lid open 

Electrical specifications           5.87kW 26.7amps 230volt 1 phase

Max. firing temperature          1290°C

Shipping weight                     100Kg


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To minimise kiln downtime, it is advisable to keep a spare set of elements and a spare thermocouple element to one side at all times.

Potclays are the exclusive importers to the British Isles for L&L Kilns who are one of the leading builders of craft and industrial kilns in the USA. The scale of their top loader operation enables high quality kilns at competitive prices. The hardened clay element holders are a major feature of all of the L&L kilns that we sell. They protect delicate brickwork. These patented holders also improve heat transmission providing greater firing efficiency. Other features include:

  • Easy maintenance using the hinge down outer switch housing and quick release inner housing,
  • High specification and intuitive Dynatrol controllers which offer custom programming as well as pre-set firing programs including controlled cooling.
  • Facility for delayed start and pre-heat which is perfect for out of hours firing.
  • A reversible base to extend life if damaged by glaze drips etc.,
  • Sectional construction to facilitate easy transportation,
  • Multi-zone control to optimise temperature uniformity throughout the kiln.

The construction of the top loader gives a lower capital cost and a quicker cooling rate: factors which will be appreciated in busy production situations.

Top loading kilns can be seen to give a very good capacity/price ratio. The simple maintenance of the kilns ensures that they offer many years of trouble free operation.

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  • Automatic Zone Control
  • Zone control gives you the utmost in controllable temperature uniformity.
  • DynaTrol Multi-Program Zone Control
  • Four preset ceramic programs and six custom programs with eight segments each
  • Thermal Ceramics Firebrick
  • K23 firebrick combines good insulation with strength


  • Hard Ceramic Element Holders Make L&L Kilns More Durable
  • Durability, Repairability, Better Heat Transfer
  • Thermocouple Protection Tubes
  • Mullite protection tubes extend thermocouple life and keep kiln clean
  • Solid Super-Strong Aluminized Steel Stand
  • Aluminized stands are extremely strong and corrosion resistant
  • Thick 8 Gauge Thermocouples
  • Thick 8 gauge thermocouples last a long time
  • Proprietary Reflective Coating Hardens & Seals Brick
  • Special brick coating hardens and seals brick for durability and cleaner operation
  • Stainless Clips Secure Lids to Bands
  • Stainless Steel clips help the lid stay secure and durable
  • Corrosion Resistant Case
  • Corrosion resistant materials and methods result in a long-lasting kiln
  • Redundant Case Clamps
  • Three case clamps are redundant safety for your L&L kiln

Ease of Use

  • "Easy-Open, Easy-Load" Spring Hinge
  • Feather-light spring hinge allows full access without a side support bar - for easy loading. Standard on all 10 and 10 sided polygonal kilns.
  • Solid Wide-View Peephole Plugs
  • Solid large non-tapered peepholes allow a wider view into the kiln.
  • Simple Strong Hinge with Wide-Angle Opening
  • This is used on top-loading kilns that are 8 sided or less


  • Superior Technical Support
  • The combined experience at L&L and Potclays in kilns, ceramics, electrical engineering and process engineering is unsurpassed. We work as a team to help you get you answers and help.
  • Standard Three-Year Limited Warranty
  • Most L&L Kilns have a three-year limited warranty.


  • Molded Ceramic Industrial-Grade Element Connection Blocks
  • Industrial grade ceramic terminal blocks make changing elements easy.
  • Easy to Remove & Service Control Panel (Easy-Fire, eQuad-Pro)
  • Remove two screws and a few plug-on wires and the panel disconnects in 5 minutes.Sectional Kiln Construction for Easy-Fire and eQuad-Pro kilns
  • Sectional kiln construction makes kilns easy to move, set up and disassemble for maintenance
  • Reversible Bottoms
  • The bottom can be easily reversed in case of a firing mishap.


  • Listed to UL499 Standard by MET and CE compliant
  • Most L&L kilns are MET listed to UL499 standards. Listed kilns include Easy-Fire. Jupiter. DaVinci, School-Master, Liberty-Belle. Hercules & Easy-Load kilns areMET-Us Listed for US only.
  • On-Off Switch and Panel Fuse
  • All L&L Kilns come with an on-off switch