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Mitsco Controller 3300 /2

£244.00 GBP


ST3300/2 Kiln Controller 10 Program Controller

Delay Start + 4 Segment Control (4 Ramps & 4 Dwells)

Selectable Thermocouple Input (R, S, N & K)

°C / °F, Relay or SSR Output, Wall Mounting, 240 or 115V ac

Ideally suited for firing ceramics in a Studio / Commercial environment.


3300 Simple, powerful and flexible

Simple to use the 3300 range of controllers has been developed to provide accurate

programming of complex firing processes in a simple user-friendly design.

Powerful Programming accuracy and flexibility are key functions of the 3300, satisfying most processes that require a series of regulated controlled temperature ramps and timed controlled sequences.

Flexibility is the key to the design and use of the 3300 program controller.

The operator just selects or by-passes the ramp or dwell and then selects

the next segment in the sequence to daisy chain the required number of

ramps and dwells until the desired control program is created.


Delayed start enables the operator to easily select the time when the program is required to start enabling the program to run without manual involvement.

Ramp & Dwell rates / times can easily be entered using the arrow keys.

Ramp rate can be entered in °C/°F per Hour or in Hours and Minutes.

Energy usage can be displayed using the information key. In addition this key will display additional program information while the controller is running.

Error messaging is a feature of the 3300 allowing the operator to fault find in the event of an unforeseen problem.

Powerful 30A relays are provided for the main control and alarm operation. This enables the controller to switch up to 30A loads without the requirement of secondary switching devices. Alternatively an SSR output can be supplied.

30A alarm output is also supplied as standard. The alarm can be configured to operate as a band or

over-temperature feature, the band /over-temperature values are configurable to suit your requirements.

Over-temperature policeman controller can be fitted as an optional extra. This is connected to a separate thermocouple and offers additional protection in the event of an over-fire.