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PF700G Earthstone Professional Porcelain White Stoneware Grogged

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Firing Temp 1220-1300ºC


For some time now we have been asked by our customers to develop a superior, white, porcelain-like clay which is more reliable and easier to work with than a porcelain body. Porcelain bodies are harder to work with due to their lack of plasticity and are more likely to crack, warp or shrink than stoneware bodies. PF700G uses the same base as PF700 but has the addition of 7% grog which makes it ideal for making larger pieces. PF700G is not as translucent as porcelain, unless in very thin cross-sections at high temperatures. It is however, just as white, has all the qualities of a good stoneware body and produces porcelain-like results at a lower cost. PF 700G has been formulated from the purest, highest quality white clays to give a porcelain-like appearance but without the difficulties that working with porcelain can create.