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Potclays Lavafleck -1514

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Lavafleck 1200-1270C

Lavafleck 151-1514

  • Recommended firing range 1200-1270C
  • Indicative texture 4-5 (Smooth 1-Coarse 10)
  • Popular for its distinctive rustic, flecked character
  • Good handling for throwing
  • Kiln shelves must be well coated with refractory wash to prevent sticking during firing
  • Standard full bag size 12.5Kg

Information about our basalt flecking agent:

Basalt is a naturally-occurring material and is variable by nature. We have noticed that there has been a slight shift in the melt properties of the material, sometimes causing raised flecks on the fired ware. In our tests, when coated with a sufficient glaze layer, the flecks 'flux' and flatten out. Unglazed areas can be wet sanded after firing. The roughness is not present in reduction firing conditions, only in oxidation.

The fleck size/density in our flecked bodies is variable from batch to batch due to the nature of the raw material supplied to us. The user must sample/batch test in their own application before proceeding as we cannot accept any liability for fleck variations batch-to-batch which are outside of our control.

Basalt is an iron-bearing compound which is not metallic, therefore fired ware can be used in a microwave.