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Potclays Premium Buff 1100-1290c

£9.39 GBP

Premium Buff 1100-1290c

Premium Buff 151-1125

  • Recommended firing range 1100-1290C
  • Indicative texture 2 (Smooth 1-Coarse 10).
  • New for 2022, our Premium Buff recipe is a re-working of our popular buff clay recipes which had to be discontinued in March 2022 due to unavailability of a staple raw material.
  • Developed with a higher percentage of premium raw materials including the exclusive Coombe Fireclay available only to Potclays from the Birch Coppice clay mine in South Staffordshire.
  • Coombe is a unique fireclay, rich in iron, producing a light fleck when fired at stoneware temperatures.
  • A premium alternative to the now-discontinued 151-1120 and 151-1117.
  • Standard full bag size 12.5Kg