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Potclays S39 Top Loading kiln + ST215 Controller

£2,683.12 GBP

Potclays S39 Top Loading kiln + ST215 Controller is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

S39 Top-loading kiln + T/C & ST215 Controller

6- 8 Weeks delivery time

Further details can be provided upon request.

230volt 1&3 phase
Internal dimensions 451mm(17.75")diam x 686mm(27")high
External dimensions 781mm(30.75")diam x 965mm(38")high
110litres 3.9cf
7.26kW single phase 30.0amps, three phase 10.0amps
9 elements
3 regulators (optional)
1300°C (cone 10)
Shipping weight 71Kg
Recommended batts 4off 387mm(15.25")diam x 15mm(5/8")thick

Silver top-loading electric kilns are manufactured by Potclays in Stoke-on-Trent. They stand out from other top loaders because of their especially robust construction with high grade stainless steel and the use of separate wall mounted switch boxes which keep vital electrical components cool for greater reliability and a longer life. The wall box is ready wired to the kiln and only requires mounting to an adjacent wall.

Our highly skilled technicians use the latest insulation brick together with high tech ceramic paper for improved power efficiency and lower external temperatures. To speed up cooling and effective venting of the kiln chamber, Silver kilns have two or three vent holes in the side, depending on the model and one in the lid. The base of the kiln is reversable so in the event of glaze spillage it can be turned over avoiding a costly repair. A rigid stand is fitted with lockable castors for easy movement of the kiln. All kilns are fitted with lid safety switches. We use top quality “R” type thermocouples which are included in the price. All Potclays kilns are fitted with the Ceramic Industry Standard, Kanthal A1 elements.

Strongly constructed for long life and low maintenance, the extra ceramic paper and the separate wall mounting control box are major features of Silver kilns. The 5mm paper keeps the kiln cooler and the wall boxes allow all important electrical components to work in a cooler environment to ensures good reliability.

Silver kilns are supplied with ST215 Program Controllers as standard, they are intuitive and easy to use, they have 32 adjustable programs with 32 segments per program, over temperature safety cut off and diagnostics. Suitable for all ceramic and glass applications. Optional WiFi & USB Data Log are available. Click the link for more information and alternative controllers. Click here to view temperature controllers.

Maximum Temperature
Our maximum firing temperatures are also expressed in Orton cone numbers, for example, 1300°C and cone 10. Please note that long soaks at the higher temperature range could exceed the kiln specifications and invalidate the guarantee; always check with cones when firing to higher temperatures.

our 80 years’ experience with kilns is backed up by a 3 year limited warranty, technical support phone line and email together with service engineers able to install and repair kilns on your premises. Each kiln is hand built by our team of specialists, we are able to customise the design of the kiln to suit your needs right down to the side the door opens and the colour of the kiln. All our elements are wound by hand onsite to the exact specification of the kiln and spare parts can be supplied at very short notice. As the only UK manufacturer producing clays, glazes and kilns under one roof we are in the prime position to advise on a wide variety of ceramic manufacture.

Health & Safety Considerations
All service and maintenance work on the kiln must be carried out by a competent person. We advise against working in the kiln room while the kiln is firing. Ceramic materials produce fumes in the firing, and the body of the kiln will heat up to approximately 150°C generating heat in the room, it is therefore important that plenty of fresh air is moving through the room. We recommend installing an extract fan. The kiln room must be clear of all flammable materials, nothing must be placed on top of the kiln, including the kiln controller.

Positioning the kiln
Please ask for advice about positioning your new kiln, there are important considerations such as:

  • Ensuring that the floor is strong enough to carry the weight of the kiln.
  • The kilns have carrying handles positioned obliquely to avoid increasing the dimension.
  • The kiln should be not less than 250mm from the nearest wall and be a minimum of 750mm from the ceiling. The wall isolator, (power switch) must be easily accessible.
  • If required, we can supply a kiln cage to safely and securely enclose the kiln to prevent access by unauthorised people.


Please discuss delivery options before ordering, we usually arrange delivery of top loading kilns by carrier or in some circumstances for extra cost, we can deliver and install including electrical connection to existing supply. It is important to ensure that you have sufficient room to access the final location. In some cases, kilns may be able to be stripped down and assembled on site to fit through narrow doorways etc. We can send you a kiln delivery questionnaire which asks for information on the route from vehicle to final position. We will be able to quote for delivery costs when we have all the relevant details.