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Kettles Transparent Glaze Stoneware Powder Gloss 1KG

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Kettles Transparent Glaze Stoneware Powder Gloss 1200 / 1260



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We are currently working on a new glaze recipe for our stoneware transparent


Glaze Mixing

Stoneware 690/700gm liquid to 1000gm powder.

We recommend sieving the powder before mixing to break it up, adding back any speckles for speckled glazes; we recommend using a powered hand mixer (drill with paddle spiral mixer or hand held blender for smaller lots) then sieve to ensure no agglomerated dry powder remains, and then rest it for two hours to allow any air to be absorbed and not create bubbles, pin holes when fired.

For some glazes it is best to soak the powder with a little water first.

Dipping: Mix Stoneware to double cream or slightly thinner to match the porosity of the bisque.

Recommended liquid is 85% water to 15% medium.

If you have problems keeping in suspension add 2% bentonite to the dry powder next time.  This is a starting point - you may need to add more liquid to get the consistency you like.

Brush On: Typical brush on recipe is 100gm powder to 40gm water and 50gm medium. For some dense glazes you may have to put in as much as 105gm of liquid.

If you have already mixed a quantity of glaze and it is falling out of suspension then you can use calcium chloride as a flocculent, particularly in E/ware glazes. Dissolve one flake in a small amount of hot water and then add to slop one drop at a time.