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Terracolor Venus 638 Powdered Stoneware Glaze

£10.95 GBP
Product Number: 638 
Firing Range: 1200 - 1260°C
Colour: Brown
Finish: Silky matt
Kind: Effect
Acid Resistance: Yes 
Dishwasher Resistance: Medium 
Matt yellow-brown that is mottled brown at 1200°C. From 1230 C matt to glossy, depending on the thickness of the application with small, crystalline effects.
Firing Temperatures Vases:
in front: 1250°C; in back: 1220°C

*Mix 1kg powder with 800ml of water, pass through a 100 or 80 mesh sieve and leave to stand for 24 hours to create a dipping glaze.


*Additional Information

The surface texture of our glazes is determined by the firing temperature. The specified value corresponds to the glaze surface produced under our firing conditions, at an average temperature within the specified firing range. Stoneware glazes typically have a more matte finish when fired at a lower temperature, while our effect glazes become more glossy and exhibit crystalline effects as the firing temperature increases.
Acid Resistance
The determination of acid resistance must be considered from both a health standpoint (in compliance with current EU regulations on lead and cadmium solubility) and an aesthetic standpoint (prevention of glaze surface damage caused by acidic foods). A "Yes" result indicates no optical damage under test conditions, while a "No" result indicates glaze surface damage under test conditions. In both cases, our formulations do not contain lead or cadmium whether labeled or not. If the product contains cadmium inclusion pigment, it is assumed that legal limits for cadmium solubility can be met during normal production. Due to legal regulations, we cannot confirm suitability for dinnerware labeled as "Contains cadmium frit" or "Contains lead frit".
Dishwasher Resistance
When ceramic pieces are placed in a dishwasher, the glaze comes into contact with the hot, moving detergent solution. This can result in either a more matt appearance or, in some cases, an iridescent gloss. The dishwasher resistance is rated as "Good" if there is no visible impact, "Medium" if there is only slight damage after multiple rinsing processes, and "Bad" if the glaze is rapidly affected after repeated rinsing. It is recommended to use glazes with good resistance for dishes used in catering, while hand-washing may be preferable for other dishes.